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Watch Elliphant's Video for "Spoon Me" Featuring Skrillex

Who doesn't love to be the little spoon?

I often say there's no greater feeling than spooning. Well, maybe that's giving it too much credit, but it is definitely up there. Post-coital, pre-coital, early morning, when you need a break from writing and you're working at home and your boo just happens to be at home too—spoon breaks—yeah, W H E N E V E R.

"Spoon me baby / You can't spoon too tight," sings Elliphant, who has written a whole song, with Skrillex, about the beauty of two bodies fitting together like a puzzle piece.

Lifted from her recently released second LP Living Life Is Golden, "Spoon Me" is classic Elliphant—a bombastic, dance-inducing meld of genres with a pop sheen—and below is the premiere of the Aisha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri-directed video. It's a feast of colors, foreign lands, and puppies.

"I met Veena, Saima, and Zaini in Islamabad, three beautiful and brave people," explains Elliphant. "I was planning on trying to make a video for 'Spoon Me' while being there for a massive performance with Diplo some weeks back, but I didnt know what or how I was going to make it special. But when I met the girls I knew they would star in it and give it that realness I always look for in my videos. We made it in one day and everybody involved did an amazing job… Blisseh."