Holy Shit

Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” Video Is Here and Also Nipples

Damn, Rihanna.

af Noisey Staff
31 marts 2016, 4:10pm

Screengrab via YouTube

Remember when Rihanna was banned from Instagram? Maybe you took it as a sign the halcyon days of Rihanna showing off her nipples were over. As if! She's back at it, this time in the video for "Kiss It Better," which can only be described as "sensual" or maybe just as "damn, Rihanna."

"Kiss It Better" is a song that is pretty unambiguously about oral sex, but the video has a few shots of dice rolling over Rihanna's crotch in case that was unclear. And from there, well, it's off to the races. Or racy-es, rather. Basically, there is a lot of writhing, and there are a lot of shots of Rihanna's nipples, and there's a lot of Rihanna looking like the literal coolest person alive, and, well, this song rules, so it's not like you need any more encouragement to watch the video, so here you go:

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