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Get Ready for Valentine's Day with the Ultimate Sexy-Time Playlist

Boner-approved bangers.

So. You've got a solid week before the Big Day. If you've got a significant other (and a healthy fear of their wrath), you've probably already got dinner reservations locked in, a bottle of wine, maybe some flowers or extra-fancy condoms. If you're single, you've got your best fuck-me outfit laid out and bar-hopping plans are starting to crystallize, or your Netflix queue is locked and loaded. Whether you're trying to get laid or to just love yourself a little extra on February 14th, you're obviously going to need the appropriate soundtrack.


It's too early in the year to declare 2015's Best Songs for Sex, so unfortunately you won't be seeing Rae Sremmurd's obvious contender "Safe Sex and Paychecks" on here, but thanks to 8tracks, what you will find is a massive collection of the hottest, wettest, slickest fuck tunes this side of Venus. Clearly, D'Angelo was robbed. Go on, get dirty.