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Holy Shit

Watch The Flaming Lips' Surreal and Fitting Tribute to David Bowie with Their Cover of "Space Oddity"

A space church, lasers, and crying nuns join together in a fitting tribute.

The death of David Bowie has affected many musicians, and very visibly hit The Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne. Earlier this month, Coyne took part in a tribute to Bowie with numerous other musicians, and today he's returned with the rest of his band for their own tribute to his work. The band has released a tribute to Bowie's monumental "Space Oddity" in the form of an equally huge video. Spread through the video are surreal, strange shots like Wayne Coyne playing to a church full of balloons, a kind of trippy and weird memorial for Bowie in the most fitting way. Lasers resembling mountains wash over the crowd of balloons, interchanged with shots of two nuns weeping. The song itself transforms the track into a kind of heaviness, employing great use of noise and bass contrasted with moments of lightness and other injections of instrumentation. The Flaming Lips managed to imbue the song with their own DNA and hold the original up as a shining example of how influential and powerful David Bowie's music has been to so many.