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Is Canada's Favorite Couple, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, Back Together?

Come back to us "Chavril!"

Photo via Instagram

This article originally appeared on Noisey Canada, obviously.

Apparently, love is in the air for Canadians. Perhaps, inspired by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and The Weeknd’s unexpected relationship, two other fairy important Canadians may have rekindled their love affair: Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger. Well, at least according to this photo from Instagram. Avril recently instagrammed a picture of the two sitting quite close together wielding a mandolin and guitar with all smiles and now we're smiling too because it may mean the return of the once formidable Canadian power couple. It's amazing to see how the young starlet went from sk8er bois to man who named his band after either side of a five cent coin. In fact, let's go on memory lane and reminisce over their fateful engagement.


The two met on July of 2012—which is also the month of Canada day—and tied the knot in 2013 on, yup you guessed it, Canada Day. If they aren't the poster couple for Canada, we don't know who the hell is. During their marriage, the couple have both put out an album each. Avril put out a self-titled in 2013 which had such hit tracks like "Here's to Never Growing Up" and Nickelback put out Here and Now which housed tracks like "When We Stand Together." Don't know these songs? Well, duh, it's because they sucked. But like any great relationship, the sum is always greater than the parts and love trumps over all—including talent.

Live captured footage of their wedding day. photo via

So, what does this mean? Maybe we’ll get a collaboration album from the two? On second though we don't want that. You know what, nevermind we do! We may not have Jay-Z and Beyonce or a Brangelina but god damnit, we might have Avril and Chad again and that gives us Canadians a glimmer of hope.

This has been a Canadian heritage moment.

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