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Woah, Dude!

That SOPHIE and Diplo Track Rumoured to Be from the New Madonna Album Has Leaked

Sounds like PC Music ffs.

It seems like the new Madonna album might have leaked before we even got a release date. The album, which emerged online today, is called Iconic and features 13 new tracks, some of which appear to be in an incomplete state.

Madonna herself has dismissed the leak as "unfinished demos stolen long ago" but then that's exactly what we would say if we were going back to the drawing board after someone had leaked our new album. She also thanked fans for not listening to the tracks, so I guess if you really want to please Madonna, stop reading now.

For our purposes, the most interesting thing about the leak is the track that appears to be produced by SOPHIE and Diplo and basically makes Madonna sound like a new PC Music signing. Listen below, then read our fuck-off thinkpiece on how PC Music is basically two guys in a bedroom in London so you can appreciate just how weird this is.

DISCLAIMER: I guess this could have nothing to do with either producer, but it sounds so much like the combined work of SOPHIE (Hannah Diamond-style vocal production and mad, sugary build-up) and Diplo (gratuitous drops) that I just can't see how that would be the case.