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Kanye West: "All I Wanna Say Is, I’m So Glad My Wife Has Snapchat"

Yeezy joined Drake on stage in Chicago last night and introduced "Famous" with a victory cry.

By now you should be well-versed in the Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift feud. In fact, if you've somehow missed the greatest Hollywood blockbuster since Spencer and Heidi on the Hills or Terminator 2, here are some articles we wrote about it that you can #engage with. Anyway! Now you're up to speed, here's the meat of the latest episode: Kanye joined Drake on stage in Chicago last night—which is special, because Chicago is Kanye West's hometown—and when he introduced the track "Famous," he did so with a victory cry.


“For seven years ya'll had to argue on my behalf, and all I wanna say is, I’m so glad my wife has Snapchat,” he shouted, addressing the crowd, before adding: “because now ya’ll can know the truth, and can’t nobody talk shit about ‘Ye no more.”

For fans of Kanye, it's a golden moment; perhaps it's even one of vindication. Or as Drake says at the end of the performance it's some "legendary shit." The pair also then went on to perform their track "Pop Style," because this is rap music and rappers are the new rockstars. Watch videos of the performances below.

"Now ya'll can know the truth & can't nobody talk shit about YE no more" - Famous in Chicago #SummerSixteenTour

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) July 28, 2016

"I am so glad my wife has snpachat. Cause now y'all can know the truth." - Kanye West

— DistinctHype (@DistinctHype) July 28, 2016

POP STYLE @Drake x @kanyewest in Chicago. #SummerSixteenTour

— TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) July 28, 2016

Drake just brought out Kanye West in Chicago. (Via @B_DEROUIN)

— Only Hip Hop Facts (@OnlyHipHopFacts) July 28, 2016