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Some Guy Covered the Pokémon Theme Song in 20 Different Styles of the 90s and We Have to Burn the Internet Now, Sorry

The world wide web gave us too much, and now we shouldn't be allowed anything.

af Emma Garland
03 august 2016, 10:00am

Guys, it has happened. We have reached the cultural peak of people flexing their otherwise impressive skills to create #content for the #internet. We have bypassed the point where a benevolent and musically inclined parent transformed Eminem and Weezer songs into children's lullabies. Gone are the days where someone with a ridiculous knowledge of cinema recreated Adele's "Hello" using hundreds of film clips to the delight of all. That time someone condensed the entire history of Japan into an informative, hypnotic, and funny nine minute segment that should literally be part of the school curriculum is barely a dot on the horizon now. We are half way through 2016 and all we are left with is a man sweating profusely as he crams half a decade of musical trends into three and a half exhausting minutes.

This video, honestly, has physically upset me. The person you can see above, who is clearly proficient at numerous different musical instruments across a myriad of styles, has chosen to use his gift for evil. He has covered the Pokémon theme song in the style of 20 different musical acts of the late 90s, and, I'm sorry to announce, the time has finally come to burn the internet.

You cannot deny he has range. He goes from the dude vocalist in Aqua to Trent Reznor in seconds, transitions from Ricky Martin to Radiohead with the ease of a Samurai sword cutting through a block of Flora Light. Sure, he may have reminded me that Coal Chamber were a thing, which has improved my day slightly. But, also... why? I used to enjoy the 90s - both genuinely and post-ironically. I used to stay up until 2am talking about my feelings using .gifs from Dawson's Creek. Just seconds ago, I expressed actual nostalgia for Coal Chamber. Now, I'm not so sure. Pokémon Go gave me life, and YouTube hath taken it away.

As 2017 begins to loom into sight, the world wide web is becoming less a vehicle for information, and more a toilet for literally anyone to dump their crap into. The question should no longer be about whether you can do something, but whether you should.

I'll leave you with this, so you can decide for yourself.