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Fat White Family's Video for "Touch The Leather" is Basically One Giant Butthole

Totally not opposed to the idea.

Looking like Quadrophenia's Jimmy gone wrong, Fat White frontman Lias Saudi takes a long drag from his cigarette. He looks around the room, as if pondering some next cunt who did him wrong five minutes ago, and behind, a bare naked arse rolls into view. This is essentially the premise of the entire video.

The good news is it probably cost nothing to make, a good factor when you consider the band are currently trying to raise funds to head to SXSW. Also, does your video have buttholes in it? No, so shutup. This video is amazing.

The band are currently on tour and you should probably almost definitely check them out. The last time we did we called it the best show we'd seen in recent memory and someone in the comment section said it looked like "a room full of people chin wagging while the style council jam after smashing some ketamine", so you know at the least it's gonna be divisive. But also probably amazing because people who leave comments on websites have no taste.

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