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Watch Jamie Isaac's Video for "She Dried"

Fans of James Blake, The xx, Burial, and J Dilla listen up!

af Kim Taylor Bennett
24 februar 2014, 3:14pm

When I was a kid in single digits I used to have a recurring dream involving a shadowy figure, sat with their back turned on a wide stage made of stairs. The figure was playing an organ with golden pipes that stretched infinitely upwards. The scene looked like the set of an old 70s TV show, and I stood rooted at the foot of said stage, fog billowing around my ankles. The figure never turned around and I never moved, I couldn't possibly—I was frozen, feeling suffocated, panicked, and low-level terrified. I had this dream probably once every three weeks for three years and then, sometime before I was 10, they just stopped.

The video for 19-year-old Jamie Isaac's "She Dried," leaves me feeling similarly haunted. Inspired by the photography of Irving Penn and directed by Phoebe Arnstein and Stephen Ledger-Lomas, each frame is captured in a silvered shade of black and white. Eerie yet elegant, it raises more questions than answers: a white haired woman with her palms pressed to the walls, an uneasy embrace, hair caught on rusty nails, quivering in a breezy slipstream.

It's the pitch perfect compliment to Jamie's second ever video. The South Londoner first caught our ears last year with his debut EP, I Will Be Cold Soon, a master class in modern, minimalist soul, and a melting pot of James Blake, The xx, Burial on 'ludes, with a dollop of J Dilla. Lifted from his forthcoming second EP, "She Dried" is backed by a single piano and beats that echo like water dropping in a pool in some underground cave, meanwhile Jamie's vocals are secretive and soft, his lines cast out like hushed secrets, designed to make you lean in close. Watch, listen, love.

Jamie's EP, Blue Break, is out on March 24. Preorder it here.

Catch him in London this Wednesday @ The Waiting Room. Tickets here.

Jamie Isaac
She Dried