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You Need to Hear This

Catalogue #023: Travis Bretzer - "Promises"

Someone get us a pina colada right this very instant.

Travis Bretzer has a day-job writing catchy jingles and "goofballing" for Canadian radio station SONiC 102.9. After hours spent writing songs about car insurance or the weather - the sort of things that get annoyingly stuck in your head for days - it's quite impressive that this dude has kept up a respectable music career on the side. Most people want to box their ears in the second after hearing a jingle, let alone writing them all day, every day, always.

Travis is signed to Brooklyn label Mexican Summer who, if you didn't already know, is home to the likes of Best Coast, Peaking Lights and Kurt Vile.

The critics say: "Trying to Learn is a masterclass in wry tenderness" - the Guardian

"Promises" is “inspired from a tender late night conversation between lovers". It sounds like pina coladas and an afternoon spent woozily wandering around, slightly tipsy from said cocktails, hand-in-hand with a beautiful partner in crime.

Travis Bretzer's debut album, Waxing Romantic, is out in the UK on Feb 23rd.