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Get Dark And Moody With The Latest Apropos Live Video Featuring Tim Driver

Remember Prometheus? Well, you will now thanks to Tim Driver.

The latest Tuborg Apropos Live set commences with Tim Driver spinning a track called "Prometheus." If you need a little brush-up on your Greek Mythology, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus; as punishment, he was chained to a rock for all eternity with birds swooping down to rip away parts of his liver from his torso every single day. It’s an epic, dark myth juxtaposing beauty and destruction—and in a way, it’s a perfectly accurate representation of what you see and hear for the rest of this live set.

For about thirty minutes, Tim Driver spins drum ‘n bass heavy, pulsating tunes that are as hell-raising as they are infectious. He does this in a bleak industrial setting—a sparse land of thick grey concrete broken up by rigid beams casting dramatic shadows throughout the scene. In a way, it doesn’t surprise us this Apropos Live set is loftier than most: Tim’s a bit of a legend in the drum and bass scene with a solid reputation to boot, making his name as a DJ who has been around since the 90s, as one of the founders of leading bass-promoters OHOI! and now, as a member of the Copenhagen-based project Superhoe. So whether you’re a fan of drum ‘n bass or try to avoid it at all costs, give Tim Driver’s video a peek. The guy knows what he’s doing and does it against a backdrop that actually makes you think and feel a little bit—and in our opinion, those two things are always worth experiencing.