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Holy Shit

Travis Scott and DJ Mustard's Video for "Whole Lotta Lovin'" Is Like "Hotline Bling" on Ketamine

What in the hell is going on here?

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

As if DJ Mustard and Travis Scott’s random turn for 80s ballad wasn’t weird enough as a song, the two have outdone themselves with whatever is going on in the video for “Whole Lotta Lovin.” We’d love to tell you there is some underlying narrative here about love, but all we’re seeing is a blood red sea straight from the bible’s ten plagues, people who have cave stalagmites growing from their faces, and Scott dancing in front of a HD display of his own action figurine. Our best guess is that the director thought to himself “what would the Hotline Bling video on Ketamine” and this is the end result.