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Holy Shit

2 Chainz Is the World's Greatest Meme in the New Video for "Watch Out

Expect your timeline to be gifs from this video for the rest of the year.

2 Chainz appreciates the power of a solid meme. Last year, he capitalized on the rising trend of dabbing, further pushing it into ultra meme-y territory when he created his own take on the craze, by creating the greatest holiday sweater and iPhone game ever, the Dabbing Santa. But 2 Chainz's meme streak isn't over, as seen by the video he premiered today on Complex, "Watch Out." The video puts 2 Chainz's luxurious head onto a variety of different bodies for him to rap on, including the Why You Always Lyin' Man, and Barack Obama. Expect a lot of 2 Chainz reaction images on your friends' timelines very soon.


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