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We Spoke To The Dutch Girlband That Filmed Themselves Having Orgasms While Singing

ADAM are the dutch answer to The Saturdays. If The Saturdays did shit like this.

Whether you’re watching When Harry Met Sally on Netflix or related videos on RedTube, orgasms on the internet tend to be loud and uncontrollable. On their latest single “Go To Go”, Netherlands pop band ADAM attempt to sing while some kind of under-table super vibrator sends them to orgasmic ecstasy (I assume it’s a vibrator, otherwise there’s a production intern in Amsterdam who is not being paid enough). The video has become more catchy than viral herpes. It’s funny because the band seem to be Netherlands' edgy equivalent of The Saturdays, a band who also perform thrash metal versions of their songs for radio and have weirdly intense member videos where they stare into your soul.

We spoke to the band to find out what it's like, er, multi-tasking on camera.

Noisey: So, the track has now reached over six million views now. That's quite a lot of people that have seen you come.

Anna: It’s ridiculous but so much fun watching it all happen.

The video initially reminded me of the Sinead O’Connor video for “Nothing Compares 2 U”, in how it focussed on the emotion of your faces solely. How did you practically shoot everything?

Sanne: Haha, what do you mean?

Well uh, what’s actually happening down there?

Suzanne: That’s a trade secret. I mean you can guess what happens right?

I mean, I’ve seen some things. How difficult was it singing while in the moment?

Suzanne: We thought it’d be very difficult because we talked a lot about it before we did the video. There wasn’t any practice beforehand at all, we just thought: let’s be in the moment and see what happens. We were really nervous when we started. But when we went in front of the camera one by one and did it, it wasn’t hard at all, it was really fun. You can see us laughing because it was just a funny moment. By the end I wasn’t nervous doing it.

What’s the sensation like singing and orgasming at the same time?

Anna: It requires a lot of focus, your voice goes all over the place, so you have to focus on your voice as well as the other stuff that’s going on in your body.

Sanne: Towards the end I didn’t have the focus to sing anymore, there was also people watching which felt very strange.

Did you feel self-conscious?

Sanne: The crew who filmed it were all men! They all said, “wow, this is the best thing we’ve have done”, but they were all very nervous and didn’t know what to say to us during takes.

Where did the concept for the video come from?

Suzanne: It was inspired by the viral video art series Hysterical literature. There was a recent video where they got women to read their favourite piece of literature while going through an orgasm. That was our main inspiration.

Anna: It was so brilliant to see women looking vulnerable and beautiful, it was honest. It was a beautiful way of showing a woman’s sexuality.

Ava: It’s not like we’re dancing half naked in front of a camera for the video, it shows what is really happening to us.

So do you feel that it’s a bit more innocent than most videos out there?

Sanne: Yeah, that’s why I’m confused by most of the shocked reactions; because you see so much nudity everywhere else that this video just feels more honest in comparison.

Anna: Before we released the video, we couldn’t find many people to help us and we didn’t do anything for months. So, we just took a gamble in releasing it, we didn’t expect this big a reaction at all.

Suzanne: It’s simple and honest because it focuses on our faces instead of cutting to lips and other body parts.

What kind of response have you had from people?

Sanne: They’ve ranged from “how can you do this?” To “if you were my daughter, you wouldn’t be there” and a few marriage proposals along the way. There’s been comments that have applauded us for celebrating women and the orgasm, from both women and men. People were having a real back and forth discussion in the comments.

Suzanne: Some people were even calling it a marketing stunt, they’d then tell us that they watched it five hundred times.

Some have commented that it wouldn’t be as popular if men were in the starring roles.

Sanne: It wouldn’t have the same effect but it would be funny as hell! There is already a parody video to the song where the guys singing cum after ten seconds, which is hilarious to watch.

How did people in the Netherlands react?

Suzanne: It’s different because people are more accepting of sexuality here, so the video isn’t shocking here but in America or England they’ve been reacting very differently. Over here we just accept it as art and expression.

How are you gonna top this for your next video?

Suzanne: We’re still in shock mostly, but if we wanted to do a boring clip for the next video all covered up, we would. People would be like “where’s the naked girls?”

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