Swedish Brothers Among Wera’s Debut Album “Fictional Takes” is a Neo-Folk Fireball

Picture a millennial Fellowship of the Ring doing fiery, timeless folk music in the forests of Sweden.

Wander too far from the beaten path while exploring the deep, mystical forests of Sweden, and you're liable to stumble across the odd moose, dragon-tattooed emo woman, or, if you’re really lucky, a loveable neo-folk band. Thankfully we found the latter, Brothers Among Wera, and they blessed us with their firecracker of a debut album, Fictional Takes.

Driven by the joyful wildfire of leading lass Wera Westholm's vocals, this 11-track spirit quest burns with a passionate brand of defiant neo-folk reminiscent of Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men. Spanning from the trumpet-infused gallop of "Mammoth" to soulful, stamp-alongs like "Death in the Afternoon" and the more introspective "My Fictional Breakup", Fictional Takes is as versatile as it is a wide-eyed, grinning, good time.

But the Brothers' blaze is never brighter than in the final two-track round-out that is the explosive and honest "Hannah I Passed The Test" followed by the tender authenticity of "Fallen Gods Of Mine". We're still not entirely sure who Hannah is, or what test was passed - but folk-flinging Brothers Among Wera have most definitely passed our test.

Take that, Hannah.

You can find Fictional Takes on Spotify.