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Holy Shit

Never Mind Adele, The Beatles Generate £82million Per Year for the Economy of Liverpool

Do you know how many Magical Mystery Tour bus tickets that is?

It transpires that just by the fact of having existed once and been extremely good, The Beatles still generate over £81.9 million for the Liverpool economy, every year, and support over 2000 jobs in the city. Do you know how many Magical Mystery Tour bus tickets that is? A lot, guys, a lot of Magical Mystery Tour bus tickets.

Seriously though, a recent report by Liverpool John Moore University (LJMU) and commissioned by Liverpool City Council, has also shown that The Beatles led legacy-economy is growing by up to 15% a year with “further significant growth potential”.

Professor Simon Yates, of the Institute of Cultural Capital at LJMU, and lead author of the report was understandably chuffed with the findings and what they mean for Liverpool, and is quoted in The Telegraph – presumably through a delighted grin – outlining the significance of the findings:

"This report clearly indicates the importance of The Beatles as a cultural and economic resource to the city of Liverpool. In all the interviews we conducted there was a strong belief that the city would go on attracting visitors through its Beatles connection long into the future. However, underpinning the economic impact and the cultural value of The Beatles heritage is a positive experience for fans, visitors and citizens, and the city needs to maintain standards in its efforts to promote this legacy."

So, there you go. A lesson for other cities to learn from. Newcastle, where is your magical Gazza bus tour? Sheffield, where is your Jarvis Cocker-themed B&B where roaches climb the wall? Stoke-on-Trent, why do you not have an enormous 'rude box' in your town centre to acknowledge Robbie Williams? Carlisle, where is your– okay, guys, that's me all out of narrow minded stereotypes.