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Linkoban Has Died of Cancer

The Danish/Vietnamese/Chinese electro/grime princess has tragically passed away at the age of 30.

Ling Ly at her Roskilde Festival concert in 2013. Photo via Flickr/Mads Danquah

Linkoban, whose real name was Ling Ly, was well-known for her electro/grime stylings, and released the album Ox in 2013. In October of 2014, she announced that she was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. This time, she addressed her fans with the following: “A month ago, I found out that I have cancer. I am treatment, and am spending time with family and friends. (…) I’m writing this because I have a positive attitude, and am sure I’m going to beat this illness. I’m sorry to have to cancel shows, but I promise to double the trouble the next time we see each other. xLinko” Since then, she has been receiving radiation treatment and chemotherapy, and a year later, in October of 2015, Danish doctors gave up trying to save the singer’s life. “The system can’t do anymore for me - now I’ll have to save myself. Are you with me or not? I can’t even begin to describe how furious I am.” Her friends and colleagues in the music industry organised a fundraising concert in Pumpehuset in Copenhagen with the proceeds going to funding an alternative treatment in Germany. The concert featured appearances from such artists as Suspekt, Jooks and AV AV AV. On the website Caremaker, around 170.000 Danish kroner was raised for the treatment of the Danish singer with Chinese/Vietnamese roots. Tragically, fans, friends and family lost the talented rapper yesterday. Today, friends and family announced via the artist’s Facebook page, that Ling Ly had left this world behind: “(…) Yesterday, on Wednesday the 17th of February, Ling passed away. We’re deeply thankful for all of your love and support of Ling, it has meant the world to her and all of us around her. She was a shining star and a fantastic person, and we hope that her memory and music will live on. - Ling’s family and friends.”


She was 30 years old.

See Ling performing “Oh Oh” in our VICE x WiMP Live Session here: