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Woah, Dude!

This Mural of Kanye West Making Out with Himself Is Everything

No one loves Kanye like Kanye.

As we've noted earlier this week, there are few polarizing figures in music like Kanye West. Whether he's naming "What Do You Mean?" as 2015's best song, yelling along to his own music in his car, people are going to feel a certain way about him. However you feel, you can probably agree that Kanye loves Kanye. Sydney artist Scott Marsh took this to its visual conclusion, and painted a huge mural of Kanye West making out with none other than Kanye West. It's amazing, Mashable reports the photo is based on an old Photoshop of West making out with himself, glorious in its own right. The colors, the way Kanye clutches Kanye's butt. The focus in his face. It belongs in a museum, but the mural is located on the wall of a Wine and Cheese bar in Sydney, and hopefully Kanye will check it out one day.


A photo posted by Scott Marsh (@scottie.marsh) on Mar 18, 2016 at 9:19pm PDT