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Jacob Faurholt’s New Single “Floating In Space” is Lo-Fi, Reverbed Catatonia

This song is like MDMA for your ears.

This is the second single off of Copenhagen-based Jacob Faurholt’s upcoming album Super Glue which is set to drop January 22nd. It's the first album Faurholt has recorded outside of his bedroom – and the result is a lo-fi, alt pop trance made up of gentle instrumental reverberance and an airy vocal rendezvous between Faurholt and Icelandic singer Disa, held together by a smooth and steady drum beat.

It plays like a classic Band of Horses song heard through an MDMA-haze, or some spacey, chorus-less sound poem plucked off of an obscurely adventurous Pink Floyd B-side, effectively leaving you both numb and prickling with sensation. Faurholt’s reverbial daze is done justice by a music video which is nothing short of a plunge into a disturbing dream world, which seems like something Salvador Dali would have conjured up as child.

Remember that guy Fuji Dream, who cranked a dream pop album out of the bedroom of his fifth floor apartment? If yes, and if you enjoyed it as much as we did, this song is right up your alley. If no, listen to it anyway. “Floating In Space” will straight up make you the main character at the climax of every find-your-inner-self movie, as you ascend the final steps of a snowy mountain path, and bask in the sun’s glow as it rises over the peak, all the while realizing your wrongs and achieving inner peace and enlightenment.

Catch Jacob performing stuff from Super Glue in Copenhagen at Blågården January 21st, Route 66 the 22nd, Stengade the 29th or at Tape in Aarhus February 25th.