Funk Up Your Soul to This Brand New Video from Danish Five-Piece D/troit

The new video for "Do The Right Thing" is here and gender liberation has never sounded this groovy.

13 april 2016, 7:57am

Here at Noisey, we're big fans of twisted shit. The debasers, shit-facers, the freaks, the miscreants, the darkness and the filth. But once in a while, even we have to tip our proverbial caps to the good guys, who are doing the right thing. And hot damn, these guys are good. Sure, D/troit are a bunch of white, Danish dudes (five, to be exact: Mads, Klaus, Stefan, Jackie and Toke Bo) souling it up under a Motown moniker. But in a way, that only piles on the already-abundant good feels in this video for "Do The Right Thing" and makes us love what's happening here even more. After all, "Copenhagen also has soul," as the band puts it.

First things first: What is this glorious music, and how are you just now hearing about it? Well, D/troit surfaced in the beginning of last year, one of the latest signings from Danish label and incubators of dopeness Crunchy Frog (The Raveonettes, ONBC), promptly grooving their way onto the Danish radio waves and yuletide TV-screens.

Title track "Do The Right Thing" is one of six bombastic soul/funk explosions on their debut EP of the same name. Channelling the sweaty, raspy, shake-it-'till-the-sun-comes-up vibes of American soul in the 60's and 70's, it's boppin' from the get-go and busting with all of the pomp and grandeur of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Throw in a tenacious directing effort from Emil Vinther that's honest and intimate with quite the fabulous twist (shit gets real when the pantyhose get Mrs. Robinson'ed on, but that's all we'll say) and you've pretty much got a soul-filled ode to all that is good and groovy in this world. Plus, it's an excellent preamble for whatever jiggling of your nasty bits you plan to get into this weekend.