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You Need to Hear This

Premiere: The New Drenge Song is a Grungy Punch to the Gut

"Never Awake" is the sound of being ignored for too long.

If your mood is turning a little black this Monday then we may have the perfect serving of angst-driven grunge to soundtrack your day. Drenge are releasing their second album Undertow in April and they have been kind enough to drop an exclusive track.

"Never Awake" is an absolute belter, packing all the fuzz and bass we would expect from the Loveless brothers, with thundering drums and considerable hooks. Yet for all the gut punch power, the track also allows the band a fair bit of emotional engagement showcasing lyrics that are as brooding as they are brutal. With the refrain - “It’s just so hard to talk to you, because you’re never awake” - Drenge pull on those grim little moments where someone is a million miles away despite sitting right next to you. Either that or it's about narcolepsy.

Drenge are playing a shitload of live shows in the coming weeks and ‘Undertow’ will be released on the 6th of April on Infectious Music.

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