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Holy Shit

Watch Taylor Swift's Video For "New Romantics" Because It'll Be Impossible to Avoid

Watch this video about Taylor and read a story about love.

So, here we are with Taylor Swift's seventh video. That video is "New Romantics." I don't think we need to tell you to watch this video because, duh, it's Taylor Swift and it's just live footage from her concert. So, instead of a summary here's a fun short story about 1989 instead. I bought this album for a woman I was very much in love with at a particularly rocky point in our relationship. I searched and hunted for the Target exclusive version of the album that came with bonus tracks and voice memos for her singles. I would package the album in special red paper I wrapped myself, along with a love letter. As you can imagine, she loved it. We broke up several hours later. Watch the video on Apple Music now.


Jabbari Weekes wants his album back. Follow and or give him the necessary links for the Target edition on Twitter.