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50 Cent Shows Us Round His Hostel in This MTV Cribs Style Video

"Wassup, it's Fiddy—and welcome to the hostel."
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

When 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last summer, fans of the rapper and his personal finances were left confused. Throughout his decade-long career, the image Fiddy presented was one of a man who had so much money that when he pooped, it didn’t leave a trace; instead, it was easier to imagine his defecations sliding out immaculately, because 50 Cent had so much money he could probably partake in an ostentatious show of wealth, like installing diamonds in the lining of his ass.


Ever since the release of “In Da Club”, our image of 50 Cent has been seen through his own projections of just how much money lays in his savings account – like the time he dropped $475 on a hamburger and milkshake in the video for “Window Shopper”. We recall his attire, which swerves somewhere between Footlocker and the sort of high-end leather jackets they sell in Monte Carlo. We envision him drinking a strawberry daiquiri on a yacht, because 50 Cent seems like a man who enjoys an easy recline into elegant nautical exploration. He’s like a perpetually rich uncle; the kind of man who has those weirdly comforting, heated seats in their car, and smells like the spiced, scented perfumeries of a cigar lounge in Abu Dhabi.

Still, given that 50 Cent was ordered to pay £3.2million in damages to a woman who said he had posted online, without consent, a sex tape of her and her boyfriend to which he had added a lewd commentary, which he responded to by filing for bankruptcy, one can assume that he is indeed bankrupt. Or at the least, he’s hustling to return the money from those damages to his bank account, which could be why he’s starring in a video for a hostel company called Hostelworld. Or, last option: Fiddy has a new-found love for sharing a stanky bedroom with three Europeans, some bed bugs, a man who doesn't talk yet snores through the night, cheap vodka and a whole load of sweat, and wants to promote that lifestyle to the wider world.

In the short clip, 50 Cent introduces us to a Barcelona-based hostel, which he presents in the style of MTV Cribs – and it’s a surreal watch. See the video below.