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A$AP Ferg Takes 'Seth Meyers' to a "New Level" in His Latest Performance

Fergenstein gets the 'Always Strive and Prosper' cut to pop off even more live.

A$AP Ferg's newest Always Strive and Prosper showed the best elements of Ferg's music and personality, working both in observational reflective rap, as well as certified bangers, the two parts even working together in the same track. Last night, Fergenstein came out to Late Night With Seth Meyers to show just how huge the tracks get with a performance of "New Level." Despite Future not being around to back him up on the track, the Harlem rapper brought a huge amount of energy with him on stage. Ferg performing this particular song on a late-night talk show has another layer of meaning; he recounts his struggles from back in the beginning of his career, relaying it on one of the most watched shows in the country.