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The Strokes Channel Classic 1980s Sci-Fi in Their New Video For “Drag Queen”

Around the two-minute mark you find yourself completely hypnotised.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

The Strokes are back! The Strokes are back! As of last week the Strokes are back! Following their surprise EP Future Past Present, the five New Yorkers have released a new video for their track “Drag Queen”, which is essentially four and a half minutes of classic multi-colored 1980s sci-fi animations bleeding into each other like tie-dye that hasn’t dried yet. Around the two-minute mark, you find yourself gorming out as if you’re actually inside in the video, such is the powerful hypnotic prowess of the Strokes.


It’s technically a lyric video, meaning that you can sing “profiting from war, fighting as a victim, always wanting more, trying to trick your brothers, get them to fight it for ya” alongside Julian Casablancas’ syrupy drawl. Also, at one point the screen reads "THANK YOU INTERNET!” which sounds a little disingenuous.

Sadly the Strokes don’t actually make an appearance, which is unusual for them considering their long-established predication for live videos that zoom in on Julian’s lovely face, but it’s worth watching anyway. Watch the whole thing below: