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Holy Shit

The New Red Hot Chili Peppers Track Is So Deeply Chill it’s Practically Unconscious

“We Turn Red” is about fishing, avocados and drinking Desperados.

For a man who has consumed more gak than there are fish in the sea, Anthony Kiedis remains so perennially mellow that just looking at his perfectly sculpted face gives me a feeling of deep-seated inner contentment. His physical symmetry makes me want to break out in spontaneous yoga moves and start speaking, out loud, to my chakras (whatever those are). With that in mind, Red Hot Chili Peppers have just released a new track from their new Danger Mouse-produced-album The Getaway and it sounds just as chill as Kiedis face looks. It is a spiritual guru in musical form, and it will make your heart rate slow down quicker than any beta blocker will.


I do not know what Kiedis is singing about in “We Turn Red” at all, but there are some lines about avacados, prawns, fishing, swimming, Desperados, lawns, lakes and basically all the other intensely peaceful things you close your eyes and think about when you are in a stressful situation. There are also lots of funky slap-bass lines, obviously.

Listen below: