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Yung Lean Raps in a Cave and Ghostrides a Smart Car in His New Video

There is no "why" to Yung Lean. There is only Yung Lean.

af Drew Millard
17 juni 2014, 3:30pm

If you know one thing about Noisey, it's that we're not an actual blog, and instead an elaborate part of the Yung Lean Industrial Complex, designed to push Yung Lean, everyone's favorite Swedish teen white rapper, onto the unwilling masses.

Just kidding. But seriously, we fucking love Yung Lean and we put on his first ever UK show and we're throwing another on August 14 at The Garage.

And Yung Lean's new video for "Yoshi City" is, as the kids say, the shit. Yung Lean's rapping next to a stuffed My Little Pony in a cave plucked straight out of Skyrim, rapping about sadness (duh), before GHOSTRIDING A MOTHERFUCKING SMART CAR WITH SUICIDE DOORS BECAUSE SWEDEN IS A NATION THAT CARES ABOUT SAFETY AND ECONOMY EVEN WHILE STUNTING TO BALL-SIZZLING DEGREES. Other highlights include his homie with green dreads, the implementation of fire masks amongst the Sad Boy crew, oh and also the entire song becuse ohmygodohmygodohmygod it's so great.

If you're asking "what does it all mean?" just go ahead and shut rightthefuck up, because there is no "why" to Yung Lean. There is only Yung Lean. He's like Yoda, in that way.