Holy Shit

Justin Bieber Rapping? On a Brand New Song? What is This Sweet Gift?

The singer quietly released a new track called "I'll Be There" a few days ago and it features him spitting some bars.
19 januar 2016, 10:56am

What in sweet paradise is this new Justin Bieber song? It's not from his most recent album Purpose, nor has it been shared by the singer on his Twitter account. It just simply appeared on YouTube a few days ago like a swarming pop apparation. Called "I'll Be There" (unfortunately not a cover of the Spice Girls classic, fortunately still quite good), the most striking thing about the track is that it features Bieber rapping. Like, y'know, actually opening his mouth and spilling out a few words that fit into a simple rhyming structure. He's "laid back in the Maybach, thinking about way back, when he used to say that" etc. And that's literally it. Those are the few bars where Bugatti Biebz enters his next transition, moving one step closer toward a device that will undoubtedly be cloned by the major labels as soon as they get their grubby mitts on the necessary technology. Listen below.