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The Spirit of the 60s is Alive in Blur's Very Soulful Rendition of "Tender" on Jimmy Fallon

Shit got emotional backstage in the Tonight Show music room.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Remember when people used to like each other? Remember when they used to sit in circles and sing not just because they're in primary school and they've been forced to, but for actual fun? Jimmy Fallon remembers. Incidentally, these are all the kinds of vibes Blur brought to the Tonight Show music room.

Performing an unplugged rendition of "Tender" - the opening track from 13 - with Jimmy Fallon on falsetto duty, it's the kind of heartwarming, hypnotic, let's-all-lean-in-and-sing-really-close-to-each-other's-mouths display of emotion that has been absent from popular music since the dawn of JLS-branded condoms. Jimmy Fallon is having such a good time that I swear he sheds a tear. I mean, there is an actual upright piano in the room and Alex James plays the entire thing in a reclined position with his fucking feet up on the bass drum. It's like a cut scene from Almost Famous but with more hairspray and less acid.

In other Britpop-related news, Liam Gallagher recently stepped outside the boundaries of the Blur vs Oasis cultural fued to claim that Blur's "Lonesome Street" is the "song of the year", so there's that. Maybe music really can bring us together.

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