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Holy Shit

Ease into the Weekend with Father John Misty's New Quiet Banger "The Memo"

Might there be a blank space on that memo?

Photo courtesy of Spin

Can't say we're surprised that Father John Misty would go and release a single on Soundcloud after the media sandstorm he created for himself with all of his recent Internet antics. First, he sticks it to Ryan Adams with a flagrantly mocking version of the Adams version of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift. As soon as that plays out, he redirects the hype back to him by saying the ghost of Lou Reed appeared to him in a dream and ordered him to take his covers off of Soundcloud. Anyways, FJM is popular for a reason and that's because he makes pretty moving folk rock that's almost annoyingly clever. Here's his new single, "The Memo," released just now via Soundcloud.