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Holy Shit

Beach House Shares First Single "Sparks" from 'Depression Cherry' via Spanish Radio Station

Dive into a pool of sunshine.

On August 28, Beach House will release their anticipated new album Depression Cherry via Sub Pop. This is significant because a) Because House rules and b) we'll be in the dog days of summer by then and this record will no doubt extend the dream of living in sunshine for at least, like, one more month. Today, they've shared the record's first single called "Sparks" via Spanish radio station RTVE, originally pointed out by Gorilla Vs. Bear. It's streaming below at about the 30 minute mark. In typical Beach House fashion, it sounds like if you somehow had a glass of sunshine and poured it over yourself untill you melted away into a puddle of shimmering emotion. Somehow, you feel both incredibly happy and incredibly depressed. Really, it's quite perfect.