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Holy Shit

Yung Lean Celebrates Winter in July with "Crystal Clear Ice"

The Swedish rapper drops off his latest in conjunction with Adult Swim's 2015 Singles series.

Photo by Jason Bergman

The best Yung Lean songs sound like Gregorian chant billowing through an ancient, majestic cathedral. Lean does just that with help from Sad Boy producer-in-residence Yung Sherman on the new Adult Swim single "Crystal Clear Ice." The best way to absorb it is to turn the volume all the way up and let Sherm's chimes and Lean's funhouse yelps wash over you as you picture yourself walking around a castle made completely out of ice of which you are the sole resident and proprietor. Maybe you let it cool your moist brow on this humid July afternoon. Maybe you pop on a good Ice King episode of Adventure Time and wrap yourself in the glacial sadness submerged beneath his cheery veneer.

Stream "Crystal Clear Ice" below and catch up on the rest of the singles in the Adult Swim series, which has already featured the likes of Owen Pallett and Dawn Richard and promises tracks from everyone from Chromatics to Slayer, here.