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Watch Swag Toof Become Demonic Sock Puppets in Their Video for “G Double O D” (Feat. $UICIDEBOY$)

The Harlem duo are strange people who do strange things.

Swag Toof are some hard dudes to figure out. In the past year, the Harlem-based duo have collaborated with known Juggalos Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie, sampled Bjork, released an EP that cost a 100 dollars (it came with a letter signed in their own blood), released another EP with the snotty streetwear brand Mishka. They made their own emoji and sell T-shirts with said emoji on it. Their member Choirboy has dreadlocks down to his ballsack, and I cannot in good conscience say that I understand what is going on with Ouija’s hair (he told me to call them “Shrimp Scampi Locks” or the “Nappy Bjork”). So, yes, they are strange people, and they do strange things.


I met the Swag Toof dudes last Christmas, while I was DJing the Mishka holiday party off my laptop. I played Young Thug’s “2 Cups Stuffed” and they were really amped, we got to talking, and I realized they were mad chill. Ouija and Choirboy hail from Vegas and Kansas, respectively, but met in Brooklyn, and live in Harlem now. There’s something undeniably winning and eclectic about the duo, though: They manage to synthesize a laundry list of disparate influences, styles, and sonics into a product that transcends whatever first impressions you might get from them.

Anyways, I can guarantee you that “G Double O D (feat. $UICIDEBOY$)” is the only song this year that has a beat that sounds like early Three 6 Mafia and whose video features sock puppets. If you’re looking for an entry point into the strange world of Swag Toof, this is as good as any. Check out our premiere of the video for “G Double O D” below, and watch the video for “Shadowland” below that. If you fuck with it and want more, you can listen to their discography over on their BandCamp page