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Watch Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire’s New Video for "Sweet Chick," Produced by Alchemist

“Sweet Chick” is a first taste of 'LiveForever,' eXquire’s next EP that’s dropping sooner than you think.

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“Lookin’ at this rap shit like, ‘Yo this really might work!’”

One of the things I like so much about Brooklyn’s Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire is that he’s an underdog worth rooting for. Though eX has had trouble crossing over into the mainstream—he was signed to Universal, put out one EP to little fanfare, and subsequently left the label—he bounced back, and has consistently dropped music that reminds why he’s so damn good.


His new, Alchemist-produced track “Sweet Chick” is eXquire at his best: profane, funny, and striking a perfect balance between nerd shit and street shit. More than anything, “Sweet Chick” is a reminder that eXquire can fucking rap, and his skills are on full display here as he cowties Alchemist’s taut slab of militaristic psychedelia to the ground, employing his basso profundo to masterful effect.

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“Sweet Chick” is but a sampler, simply some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering for LiveForever, eXquire’s next EP that’s dropping sooner than you think.

He says: "Sweet Chick" is just a prelude to LiveForever. It's not actually on the project. Just me saying "wassup." Originally we were gonna drop the project today. But I wanted people to take this in first—to get an idea of the picture we'd be presenting. The title is a nod to my nigga Alchemist who told me I could have this "Any time I wanted." Just wanted to let him know that I agree.

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