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Somebody Reversed Kanye West's "Waves" and It Sounds Like a Radio Broadcast from Heaven

.wavs don't die and neither did Jesus

Artist rendering of your soul floating to Jesus after listening to "Waves," in reverse

It's a horrifying to think that there's a parallel universe where "Waves" didn't make it onto The Life of Pablo's final tracklist. That on a late Friday night Chance the Rapper didn't save the world and perhaps the universe by convincing Ye to finish the song. That Chris Breezy didn't remind us that when times get tough that "Waves don't DIEEEEEEE." And that thanks to an ingenious Soundcloud producer, "Waves" played in reverse is one of the greatest things we've ever heard—even rivaling the legendary original version. This is what gospel music would sound like if Burial made it. This is like skydiving into an airy ether where Future and Kid Cudi wish you good morning on loop. This is so good it comes in a wav. file. Sweet delectable Jesus stop reading this and listen below.

.wavs don't die.

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