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Justin Bieber and Skrillex Respond to Recent Song Theft Allegations

"SORRY but we didn't steal this."

Photo via Skrillex's Instagram

Earlier this week, musician Casey Dienel accused Justin Bieber and Skrillex for sampling part of her song without her consent. Under the name White Hinterland, she released a song titled "Ring The Bell" over a year before "Sorry," that contained a suspiciously similar vocal part to one of the hooks of "Sorry." Skrillex and Justin Bieber have now responded to the allegations over Twitter. Yesterday, Skrillex posted video of the original stems of the song and how that sound was developed, showing the distortion and subversion of an earlier version of the song sung by songwriter Julia Michaels. Bieber also hopped on the train, retweeting Skrillex's video and adding the hashtag #wedontsteal. It's unlikely whether or not Dienel will continue her lawsuit, although Diplo commented separately that he thought they did sample Dienel, and there would be an out of court settlement.

SORRY but we didnt steal this