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Holy Shit

This New Red Hot Chili Peppers Song Is Actually Awesome?

It slaps...literally.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been so perennially chill for so long that sometimes you take their existence for granted, and the long stretches between their albums only add to that. Well, they're re-emerging with a new Danger Mouse-produced album The Getaway and they've shared the first single, "Dark Necessities." Far from the awkward funk workouts full of Kiedis-ian gibberish or the mellow alt-rock jams that have been RHCP's bread-and-butter, "Dark Necessities" is a proggy, piano-led number that is…actually pretty awesome. Even beloved anthem-performer Flea gets a slap-bass showcase he hasn't received in years. It's definitely the sound of a veteran band looking for a new direction but the more serious, urgent tone somehow suits RHCP. Maybe that's mixer Nigel Godrich's influence seeping in, though. In any case, listen to "Dark Necessities" below and tell me that middle-eight isn't sick.


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