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What Happens When Sleater-Kinney Teams Up With Bob's Burgers? THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER

Gene may be the family musician, but this moment is all Tina's.

We here at Noisey are huge fans of both Sleater-Kinney and Bob's Burgers, so when we found out that the two had come together, we could barely contain our excitement. The result of their animated partnership is as beautifully-balanced as a Baby You Can Chive My Car burger.

From the moment Tina slides the CD into her stereo (because of course TV's most fabulously, awkwardly feminist teenage hero would have a boner for riot grrl icons Sleater-Kinney) to when Gene and Louise crash her private pogo-party and dance their hearts out while ceiling dust falls onto Bob's bald spot, Sleater-Kinney's new animated video-slash-collaboration with the Bob's Burgers animating team is pure perfection.


Taken from the trio's new album, No Cities to Love, "A New Wave" pulsates with vital energy, and as the Belcher cildren make abundantly clear, is the perfect song to blast while you bounce around with your friends and secretly hope that your mum doesn't bust in and try to grab the microphone.

The video is more than just a charm bomb—it's a charm apocalypse.

No Cities to Love came out January 20, 2015 via Sub Pop.

Kim Kelly is moonlighting as a grown-up Louise on Twitter.