Christian d’Or’s “Tough Soul” is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Bass Riffs and Your Playlist

The Copenhagen-based DJ/recording artist's new video has children burning coffins and pissing in lakes to one hell of a catchy bass line.

20 april 2016, 7:25am

After traversing Copenhagen's night life for the better part of 15 years, spinning discs and purveying everything from disco, to psych, to jazz, Copenhagen-based DJ and recording artist Christian d'Or has decided to bless us with "Tough Soul". It's off of his new and first-ever EP of the same name, and is packing more pace and darkness than the syrupy-sweet and twinkly "This Is My Gift to You". A concoction of snazzy synths, ominous, psyched-out droning and deep vocals, "Tough Soul" is reminiscent of the smooth vibes of fellow Copenhagen synth-slingers GENTS or Secret Life. Oh, and the whole thing is held together by a ridiculously addictive, tea chest-sounding bass line. But what's that? You're sick and tired of having to spend hours building that perfect playlist and/or change songs every 3 minutes? Fear not: this majestically mellow melody is over 10 minutes long, so you can kick back and watch as people around you hopelessly slow-roast in their own personal hell of dangling headphone wires and Spotify Free commercials.

As you're nodding your head and tapping your foot to all of the rhythmic bliss, enjoy the naturalistic video of some kids on a canoe journey exploring life and death and going full-on Lord of the Flies with some good, old-fashioned lake-pissing and coffin-burning.

So whether you're bicycling, walking, zoning out on the bus, or just wake-n-baking in your underwear hours after the rest of the world has gone to work, trust us when we say you won't want "Tough Soul" missing from your soundtrack.

After a limited pre-release on vinyl the 16th, Christian d'Or's EP set to drop this Friday, on April 22nd. Get an early taste at the release party tomorrow at Jolene in Copenhagen's Meat-Packing District.