Premiere: Asta Fall - "Justice Done"

It's really poetic in the modern angsty, Andy Warhol's "Empire" sort of fashion.

af Alfred Maddox
07 august 2015, 8:53am

"Justice Done" will enthrall you from beginning to end. The track is brimming with harmony between deep bass tones, lighter, more playful synths, and the intense and hauntingly alluring vocals of Asta Fall. The video combines the passing of time with the array of lights emanating from an off-shore oil drilling platform to create a captivating, other-worldly spectacle, as the platform becomes a spire of light adrift in a sea of clouds. It's all really poetic in the modern angsty, Andy Warhol's Empire sort of fashion.

Asta Fall is an artist collective established by Mikkel Sönnichsen, who created the song "Justice Done" in collaboration with producer Daniel Skjødt (Coco Moon) and singer Johanne Holm (Nór), while living in Cape Town, South Africa, filming the timescape of the platform from the window of their apartment. Stay tuned for more rad stuff from those guys.
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