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kildaphew's New Video for "Blunt Truth" Oozes With Some Serious Soul

The latest from the Norwegian duo is chill AF and oh so seductive.

Sometimes, you hear a track that makes you wanna give up all your life's belongings, buy some badass lil' car from the 70s and set off cruising down the highway somewhere down the West Coast of the US. Today, that track is "Blunt Truth" by kildaphew—the first official release from the Norwegian duo that oozes with chill vibes and some seriously sexy soul.

kildaphew is made up of Danielle Brogden and Andreas Lanesjord—two Oslo-based musicians who combine backgrounds from rap and pop music into an organic and electronic mix of elements. The result feels refreshingly honest and straight up, and it's already been recognized: the duo was chosen as support for Jurrasic 5 when the group came to one of Oslo’s biggest venues. In "Blunt Truth", their organic touch is elevated with a groovy r&b tinge that blossoms into a soulful and electrifying pop hook. The video adds a visceral touch to the track: it's subtly disturbing and trippy, featuring visuals like hands crawling over necks and eyes slowly creeping in different directions.

According to kildaphew, "Blunt Truth" is 'an observation of the global society, and reflects the consequenses of our negligence.' Sounds pretty heavy, but lucky for Kildaphew, they pull it off. After all: when you sound this effortlessly cool and groovy, people will fall deep under your spell—no matter how heavy or how light your music really is.