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Jelani Blackman's After-Dark Anthem "Twenty//Three" Just Got a Video

His wavy lament finally gets some suitably nocturnal visuals.

We’ve been giving Jelani Blackman love for some time now, largely because we haven’t actually stopped listening to his breakout track “Twenty//Three” since we heard it for the first time last year. Good news: it's now got a video, so for those of you who missed it first time around, here’s your chance to pretend you’ve been into him for absolutely ages.

The song is essentially a melancholic groove that clicks perfectly into life after midnight. The muttered chorus - “It’s only twenty to three” - recalls those slow burning sessions where the night doesn’t go quickly enough. Paste that on top of some sizzling neo-soul production and you’ve got an after-dark hymn on your hands and in your ears.

Now paired with some suitably murky visuals, Blackman’s wavy lament of gloomy psychedelia is all up in your eyes too.

Jelani is playing the next Noisey show in London, alongside Rejjie Snow. There's more info here.