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Festivals 2014

Tell Us Your Fucked Up Post-Glastonbury Dreams

This is either going to be the worst idea we've ever had or a groundbreaking glimpse at our collective subconscious.

People love to say that they hate hearing about your dreams. It's an unwritten rule of grown-up conversation that there is nothing more boring than someone telling you some weird structureless tale about something that didn't really happen. But that's bullshit - stories about dreams are just like stories about life, most are bullshit but some, like the one where you're fucking your year 9 history teacher only you're Homer Simpson and she's 14 ft tall, are a pretty interesting look into the human psyche. At the very least, they're a more interesting coffee machine conversation than "what episode of Orange Is The New Black are you on? Oh no you're further than me - don't say anything!" Almost everyone I know who has been to Glastonbury talks about their Monday night dreams. Despite sleeping fine in short bursts at the festival and napping in the car home, when they actually get to their room for their first proper clean sleep in a bed, they have a completely insane subconscious hallucination. Obviously, this comes from some combination of obscene drug taking, spending the weekend in a pop-up city purpose-built to be like a bad trip, and your body recovering from extreme exhaustion. But what's more, and this is just anecdotal, people seem to have a lot of structural, narrative and physical similarities in their post festival-dreams (but let's not discuss those yet, so as not to prejudice what comes in).


We want to know if this is all druggy bullshit, or if people do really have similar dreams when they get back from Glastonbury. So we'd like you to tell us anything you can remember about last night's dream (if you got home late on Monday and are still recovering it might be tonight's dream). You can tell us as much or as little as you like but some useful things to think about night be:

Was there anything unusual about the way you fell asleep?
What happened in your dreams?
Where did they take place?
Did you have any aim or purpose in the dream?
Did you try to wake yourself up within the dream?
Did the dream make you wake up in the night? Did you notice any physical changes in your feelings or body when you woke up?

Please email with anything you can remember. We'll post your responses on the site, but they'll be completely anonymous.

This is either going to be the worst idea we've ever had or a groundbreaking glimpse at our collective subconscious. Either way we'll let you know how we get on.