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Premiere: The Love Coffin - "Sheets of Ice"

Get deep into the dirt of it all with new Copenhagen-based quintet The Love Coffin

There’s a thrill about discovering music when you’re a teenager that kind of disappears along with your angst and pimples. When you have real things to think about – your career, paying rent, maintaining a functional level of alcoholism, etc – you’ll rarely replicate how it felt smashing your fourteen-year-old mouth again some dude’s in his car as he’s playing you Fugazi. However, rarely doesn’t mean never—which is what we found out when we heard The Love Coffin.

The Love Coffin is a Copenhagen-based quintet that sounds like they’re ripping out your insides along with theirs, and throwing them back in your face with untamed honesty and aggression. Their debut single, "Sheets of Ice", is a savage mix of howling vocals, relentless drumming and aching guitar that is proper rock—the kind that jolts you awake and actually makes you feel something intense. The video isn’t something to skirt over, either: chaotic and frenetically-paced, it’s a grainy window into the band playing in an obscured space, juxtaposed against visceral images that linger just enough to affect you but disappear before you can make sense of it all. Ultimately, "Sheets of Ice" digs up the dirt and ugliness inherent in love and heartbreak—and in this case, it’s an ugliness we’ll gladly face again and again.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP "Veranda", set to be released next fall through Get Your Ass to Mars.

Live shows:

25/6 – Drone, Copenhagen
26/6 – Grand, Malmö