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Holy Shit

Khalil, Kehlani and Justin Bieber Lament Bad Break Ups with "Future"

Do you still miss someone?

Justin Bieber's buddy Khalil has an EP called Long Way from the 916 coming out at some point this year, and he's just released a sample of it in the short, sweet "Future." It's a wistful ballad featuring vocals from the Bieb as well as rising Bay Area singer Kehlani, both of whom trade verses with the Sacramento singer about looking for comfort after a relationship ends but not finding any. The somber cut was produced by Rex Kudo and Charlie Handsome; the duo offer a slight, sedate bed of acoustic guitars and drums to give it a vibe every bit as stormy as the scene of open seas disorder in the cover art. Bieb's new single "What Do You Mean" drops August 28, and you can learn more about Kehlani in our profile here. Stream "Future" below.


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