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Watch Prince Cover David Bowie's "Heroes"

No one better to cover the Thin White Duke than a Prince.

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With the passing of David Bowie, there's been a multitude of tributes to the artist these past few months. While some have been err, questionable, quality has come out of these meditations on his art. A good example of this would be this cover of "Heroes" by Prince. The cover took place at one of his "Piano and a Microphone" concerts in Toronto. According to Consequence of Sound, he played a series of covers by artists like Joni Mitchell and Vince Gauraldi. But really, there's no one better to cover The Thin White Duke than a Prince.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Consequence of Sound.

So….. This would be Prince covering Bowie "Heroes", and really that's all you need to know about tonight

A video posted by Cameron Sorensen (@cam10013) on Mar 25, 2016 at 8:02pm PDT