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Prince Was Going to Meet with an Addiction Specialist the Day After His Death

The specialist's son, Andrew Kornfeld, was apparently in Paisley Park when Prince's body was found.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The mysterious circumstances surrounding Prince's sudden death may be starting to clear up. As the Star Tribune reports, Prince's representatives made a call to Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a California-based opioid addiction specialist, on April 20, citing "a grave medical emergency." Unable to make enough time to meet with Prince immediately, Kornfeld sent his son and colleague, Andrew, to go ahead to Prince's Paisley Park home and studio in Minneapolis. Howard Kornfeld was to arrive later, on April 22, one day after Prince was found dead on April 21. According to the Kornfelds' lawyer William Mauzy, Howard "was planning a lifesaving mission." Andrew Kornfeld arrived at Paisley Park on the morning of Prince's death and Mauzy says he was on the premises when the body was found.

The news comes amid rumors that Prince was addicted to painkillers.

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