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Prepare Your Soul: Here's the Very Grim Trailer for Nick Cave's New Album and Film

It features lots of seriousness and strings, of course.

Photo via YouTube

When you reach Nick Cave's level, you don't really release material so much as call it forth from the grim blackness of your own badass soul. You also do things big, and he's unveiled the trailer for not only his upcoming album Skeleton Tree but also its accompanying film One More Time with Feeling in one fell swoop. From the looks of things, the movie seems to be monochrome, very serious, and it'll feature lots of strings because this is the Bad Seeds, after all. Also, Nick talks about becoming an "unknown person" after a "catastrophic" event, which is ominous and possibly tragic. Prepare your entire being for another journey into the, uh… Cave… and watch the Skeleton Tree / One More Time with Feeling trailer below.

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