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PREMIERE: Happyness Get Low Tech with New Video "A Whole New Shape"

Check out the new video below, and look for them at SXSW!

Have you ever marveled at how easily a little bit of ingenuity will take you with visuals? Those Grateful Dead folks got forever and a day by projecting the mixing of a few colored oils as a psychedelic back drop. Butthole Surfers would play videos of sex change operations while they played to keep things extra revolting. No money? Use a VHS and the cheapest 90s effects and now you're ironic and lo-fi!

Happyness' approach to their latest video is simple, three images projected on top of each other, each one manipulated slightly. It's interesting and equally as good as J Mascis-leaning track "A Whole New Shape," complete with soaring bent notes and cracking sad-guy vocals. Check out the video for the indie-pop burner "A Whole New Shape" above, from the Weird Little Birthday LP scheduled for a 3/30 release in the UK on Moshi Moshi and a 3/23 release on Bar/None.

Catch the band at SXSW at the dates below!

MARCH 18th, 3.30pm – Panache SXSW Booze Cruise
MARCH 19th, 3pm - El Sapo – Music For Listeners Showcase
MARCH 19th – 1am – Valhalla – Bar/None Showcase
MARCH 20th, 12.50pm – Homeslice Pizza – Music By The Slice
MARCH 20th, 3pm – Bar 96 - Dr. Martens/Culture Collide
MARCH 20th, 6.55pm - Hotel Vegas – Panache Showcase
MARCH 21st, 4.30pm - Spider House – Panache Rager
MARCH 21st, 11pm– British Music Embassy – NME/PRS
MARCH 22nd, 7pm – Beerland – Panache Hangover Party